Portrait of Dr Asmara Goodwin - The Hippocratic Coach

Dr Asmara Goodwin

When someone asks “so what do you do?” – of the many answers I could give: “I’m a Mum”, “I’m a runner”, “I’m a recovering chocoholic” – I tell them I’m an asset management coach.

I coach people to manage their most valuable asset – their health.

For many of us the pressure in modern society to do more, be more and have more is taking its toll.

Just as we may send our bank accounts into overdraft to fund our material lifestyles, we often draw down against our health to keep up with our fast-paced physical lifestyles.

I believe that making small, sustainable investments in health and happiness can pay huge dividends in terms of life success.

Other possible answers I could give to ‘So what do you do?’ include:

“I’m a GP”, “I’m a medical educator”, “I’m an aspiring writer”.

When I became a GP 17 years ago, I knew that I would be helping people whose health problems were affecting their lives. What I was less prepared for, however, was helping people whose lives were affecting their health.

Medical school had taught me how to ‘fix’ people’s health but somehow I must have missed out on the lectures on how to ‘fix’ people’s lives.

I soon realised that if I was serious about helping people to live happy, healthy and successful lives I would need to do more than simply telling them to lose weight, or handing out sick notes and antidepressants.

I needed to find ways to empower people to take control over their stresses and to inspire people to take ownership of their health. I also needed to find ways to help people with health problems I couldn’t ‘fix’ to achieve happiness and success on their own terms.

I’ve always been equally fascinated by what’s going on inside peoples’ minds as by what’s going on inside their bodies. I believe that having the right conversation with someone is as important as making the right diagnosis or prescribing the right drug.

Throughout my career I’ve developed additional skills for helping people whose health problems stem from life stresses rather than from a specific disease.

Since life affects health and health affects life, qualifying as a life coach seemed a perfect way of augmenting my skill set.

I absolutely love coaching and really value being able to spend the time to work collaboratively with people and to take a holistic approach to supporting them to improve their health and happiness.

I combine my medical knowledge, with over 10 years teaching experience and my coaching skills (including motivational interviewing, solution focused therapy, cognitive behavioural coaching and positive psychology) to help people to make realistic, sustainable investments in their health and happiness which will pay dividends in terms of life success.

And when I’m not doctoring, coaching, teaching or writing you’ll probably find me running on the South Downs with my springer spaniel, mucking around on (or in!) the water or else making a mess in my kitchen.