For many of us the pressure to do more, be more and have more is taking its toll. Just as we send our bank accounts into overdraft to fund the material lifestyle society expects of us, we draw down against our health to keep up with the fast-paced physical lifestyle.

However, if our lifestyles fail to support our health then inevitably sooner or later our health fails to support our lifestyle.

Intellectually, we all know that our health is important and we have a pretty good idea about what we need to do to look after ourselves. We know that eating well and making time for exercise are key. But sometimes we are just too busy. We have deadlines to meet and ambitions to fulfil. Working through lunch just the once won’t hurt and neither will skipping the gym so that you can work late to finish that report.

It’s true – just the once won’t hurt – until just the once becomes the norm!

Just as we can do more with our money if we look after it wisely, so too can we do more with our lives if we look after our health.

This section gives you some background information and tools you can use to make small, sustainable investments in your personal well-being account which can pay dividends in terms of your energy, productivity and happiness.

Set your own health goals