Walk, run or cycle part or all of your way to work.

Set your alarm 10 minutes earlier each morning and do a short strength training routine each day
Base one social activity each week around exercise. e.g. suggest meeting your friends for a walk, game of tennis or bike ride rather than meeting in the pub or coffee shop (or else do the exercise and then hit the pub or coffee shop…).

Try a new sporting activity once a week until you find one you enjoy enough to want to take it up regularly.

Make a rule to always take the stairs rather than lift or escalator.

Make a rule to always stand for certain activities in the working day such as making phone calls or checking e-mails.

When watching TV, develop the habit of holding the plank or doing sit-ups or press- ups throughout each commercial break or programme change.

Sign up for a serious endurance challenge such as a marathon or triathlon as a healthy alternative to the more traditional types of mid-life crisis.

If you are really struggling with exercise, or perhaps are out of action due to a health problem or injury, why not make this the year you seek professional help?

Perhaps enlist the services of a sports physiotherapist or personal trainer?

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