It seems you’re pretty motivated to make improvements in this area– that’s great as it’s far easier to make a change you really want.

You are probably already reasonably clear about the potential benefits of improving this area of your well-being but why not take a moment to jot them down on paper and pin the paper somewhere easily accessible so you can refer back if you feel your motivation slipping?

What might be the downsides of making a change?

How could you minimize these?

What would increase your motivation further?

What one small, realistic change could you make in this area?

Try to make this as specific as possible so that you can easily assess whether you have been successful.

Not sure what change you can make? As a coach I’m always cautious about making suggestions as usually the very best idea for you will be the one you think of yourself. However I’ve listed a few ideas that have worked for other people to act as a springboard for your imagination.  Ideally customize one of these suggestions to make it relevant to you -unless you see one which really does seem ideal for your unique circumstances.

Suggestions for Improving Sleep

Suggestions for Increasing Exercise

Suggestions for Improving Diet

Suggestions for Improving Mood

Suggestions for Optimising Weight

Suggestions for Stopping Smoking

Suggestions for Reducing Alcohol

Having decided upon the specific habit you wish to adopt – on a scale of 1-10 how confident are you that you can make this change?

Confidence 5/10 or less?

Confidence 6/10 or more?