You are already very well aware that the best health advice is don’t smoke at all – unfortunately that’s often easier said than done!

However, even if you are not ready to stop smoking there may be health benefits from just cutting down so it’s well worth considering setting yourself a target of even a modest reduction.

Increasing numbers of people have managed to swap conventional smoking for e-cigarettes and there is some evidence that these may be safer. A paper published in 2017 in The Annals of Internal Medicine found that the urine and saliva levels of chemicals known to cause cancer and tobacco-associated toxins were significantly lower in those using e-cigarettes than in those smoking conventional cigarettes.

However, e-cigarettes contain their own chemicals which could potentially produce harmful substances when vaped so it is unlikely that they are a risk-free alternative. It will be many years before robust long –term safety data about using e-cigarettes is available.

Health Benefits of Stopping Smoking

Suggestions for Stopping Smoking