Live Better – Feel Better – Be Better: Programme

Session 1: Live Better:– Begin with the end in mind.

During this introductory session you will learn to evaluate who you really are and what you really, really want from life. We will review your current satisfaction with various areas of life and identify positive actions for change.

Session 2: Live Better:- The power of habits.

This session will focus on physical well-being as a basic building block for leading a happy and successful life.

You will be supported to reflect on your current levels of well-being and to consider how you can successfully make small sustainable changes in your daily or weekly routine to optimise your energy levels and health.
We will discuss the power of habit formation to improve well-being.

Session 3: Feel Better:- Managing threats

This session will focus on helping you handle situation as and events that threaten to throw you off course. You will learn to develop plans and techniques to effectively handle stress and build personal resilience.

Session 4: Feel Better:- Feel the love

During this session we focus particularly on relationships with others (including non-romantic relationships). You will have opportunity to reflect on the key relationships in your life and how these can be maintained and strengthened.

We will also discuss and practice some communication techniques to help you do this.

Session 5: Be Better:– Just do it!

This session will explore the benefits of goal setting and discuss techniques for overcoming procrastination and optimising time management to make sure important things get done.

We also explore techniques for coping with failure (and fear of failure) and for building self-belief.

Session 6: Be Better:– Wonderful you!

During this session you will explore your own unique values and strengths – maybe even discovering some you weren’t aware of!

We will look at how you can make maximum use of your strengths on a daily basis and how you can ensure that your most important values are reflected in your life.

We will review the actions you have set from previous sessions and celebrate your successes.

Finally you will make a plan as to how you can continue to live better, feel better and be better!